My dream house

Image from SF Girl By The Bay

It was a breezy workday afternoon (was it a Wednesday? Thursday?) when I was relaxing on a couch in my parents’ house when I came across several articles about how millennials won’t be able to afford buying a house. (Articles are listed at the end of this post)

Yes, it’s a classic case and it’s been around for quite a while, but I never actually gave it much thought because, deep down in my heart, I wasn’t sure where I was going to settle. Therefore, I was actually searching for where I might settle down in and that’s where I’ll buy my house.

However, I was also aware of the rising house prices in Jakarta (Indonesia’s capitol aka my hometown) and I, for sure, am not interested to spend my future married life by living with my parents. I knew that I was going to either buy a small house in the suburbs (which means traffic on a daily basis) or buy an apartment.

The idea of buying a flat is still new to many people in Jakarta and a lot of people still oppose the idea, stating how the laws are still blurry. However, I do predict that there’s a high chance that I’ll end up buying and living in an apartment. As much as I want to own my own house in my own land, I knew that unless I won a super lottery, I might not be able to afford it.

So, I was browsing Pinterest and got the idea of compiling a whole board of small spaces that would suit my style and reality.

First of all, natural lighting is important to me. They make a house look lively and healthy. Secondly, I like colors. A lot of images in the internet might be about minimalism, monochrome designs, etc, but I’m more into colors and patterns 🙂

Living Room

Image from Futurist Architecture

My ideal living room should have a 2-seater (or 3-seater) sofa with one or two extra armchairs for guests or extra members of the family. I expect a bookshelf to be there, with any of my/our collection of things. I like reading, so I’ll put books. I also love tableware and I’d love to showcase them on the bookshelf. The coffee table should have space for a pot of plant and for food when watching a movie. That’d be ideal ❤

Dining Room

Image from Apartment Therapy

I normally eat on the sofa, not on the dining table, but I’ll chance that habit, hahaha! I like eating while daydreaming or staring outside, so a window by the table would be amazing. Also, a bookshelf would be functional and aesthetic in this space.


Image from Ikea

I like cooking and baking. I like experimenting with food. However, I get overwhelmed with big, wide spaces. For me, small, organized kitchen spaces are enough as long as I know where things are. The kitchen must have its own window for natural lighting. Also, I’m a sucker for hydraulic tiles but I also don’t want them to cover all of the house’s floor. The kitchen would be one of the best places decorated with hydraulic tiles ❤


Image from Gravity Home

I’ve had experiences with windows on my head and I don’t like it. I prefer having a window by the side of my bed, so I can daydream and observe the surroundings before slowly dozing off. I also like having places to neatly store and organize my things in the bedroom. I don’t like a separate closet.


Image from Decora Tu Alma

I like a small yet tidy bathroom space, with places to store the amenities (including towels and extra soaps). I don’t really like mirrors, so no big mirrors. The bathroom is also one of the best places to use hydraulic tiles 🙂


Image from Pinterest

I like to sit down and do my stuff. I like drawing and writing and I feel frustrated to not have my own space while doing what I love. I found this image and almost got to DIY it with ladders and wood planks. However, the idea came to a halt because my bedroom is too small.


Image from Mamas Molonas

As I’m envisioning myself (and future family?) living in an apartment, I’d love to have this type of balcony. Small, yet cozy. It should have a table and two seats, the best combo for relaxing outdoors. I like plants but I haven’t really enjoyed gardening that much, so small pots and easy-to-maintain plants should be able to be displayed in this balcony.

Extra: Reading Nook

Image from Thou Swell

As stated above, I like reading. My dream house (in any size) should have a special reading nook dedicated for me by me, where I can read a book and have my cup of favorite tea by my side. It sounds selfish, I know, but it’s a childhood dream to have my own reading nook. I’ll combine it with my love for natural lighting and eclectic furniture 🙂




Articles read:

  1. Millennials are buying homes but many have parental help: Survey by Josh O’Kane
  2. Why aren’t millennials buying houses? They can’t afford it. by Natalie San Luis
  3. The Affordability Crisis: What Happens When Millennials Can’t Afford to Buy Homes? by Andrew Woo
  4. Hanya 17% Generasi Millenial Mampu Beli Rumah di Jakarta by Emanuel B. Caesario
  5. 5 Tahun Ke Depan, Kamu Tidak Akan Sanggup Beli Rumah! by HowMoneyIndonesia

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