A chance given

Image from Fast bikes and too much coffee
Image from Fast bikes and too much coffee

I got into a minor accident on Saturday night. I’ll emphasize minor, because it was minor and I’m okay and there’s nothing to worry about.

I was riding my motorcycle on an average-slow speed on the left lane, when another bike, carrying a rolled mattress on its back, passed by me from my right heading towards my left. On the process, his mattress “poked” my bike and it was sudden and I lost balance and I fell.

Shocked, I tried to get my bike up again, but during that process a car sped by my right and bumped my head with its side. But I wore a helmet, a good one, so I’m okay. My head is okay. However, my right rear-view mirror was crushed by the passing car.

But I became terrified at that moment. It was a long split-second moment. The moment the car passed, I thought, “Will I die now?”. I looked to my back, to see the road, to see if other vehicles were to bump/hit me like the bike and car did, and thought to myself, “Will I die rolling on someone’s car’s body, crashing its glass? Am I to die now like that?”.

The fear was real. I was afraid to be in pain. I was afraid of several bikes and cars hitting me one after another. I was afraid I will die rolling on the air, onto the ground, and have my body crashed.

Most of all, I was afraid that I would die there with nobody knowing. I was on my way to meet my dad, and all I thought was that will he know I’m here if I die?

But the vehicles all stopped at a considerable distance. Their lights glared at me and my fallen bike. The next moment, some men called out to me and approached me. They guided me to the pavement and took my bike. They told me to rest for a while and have water and sit down.

I cried at that very moment, out of being grateful that I’m actually still alive. That I can still call my parents and tell them, “yeah, I fell, but I’m okay”. I didn’t think of my other life goals at that moment; I was only grateful to be given a chance to, well, be alive. Had I been a few seconds late to react to the bike or moved my body a few millimeters to the right before the car passed and hit my head, it would have been a whole other story.

But I’m still here and suffering from small cuts and bruises. The rear-view mirror got crushed with such force that shards flew around and some passed by my jeans and got stuck onto my skin. I only realized that because my left knee was bleeding a lot (as in my jeans became wet) so I asked the men to cut my jeans and, tada, a big shard of glass stuck on my skin.

Other than that, I’m okay.

I just want to share the experience of having a near-death moment, followed by a sense of being grateful to be given another chance.

I’ll be more careful hitting the road next time.



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