“Kimi No Na Wa”: A Review

Hi, all!

Have you watched “君の名は (Your Name)”? It’s Makoto Shinkai’s latest film. If you haven’t, you totally should watch it! If you have, I bet the film touched your heart, even by the slightest bit.

“Kimi no Na Wa” tells the story of two persons, Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha is a high school girl from a village called Itomori while Taki is a high school guy from Tokyo. They somehow swapped bodies at random times. At first, they didn’t understand what’s happening, until they realized that they were able to leave their own traces/marks/clues when their bodies were swapped. They decided to cooperate so that their body-swapping wouldn’t affect their daily lives. Both of them decided to meet the other by visiting each other’s places, without the other knowing.

Makoto Shinkai is renowned for making sad, depressing movies with stunning visuals. It’s as if those visuals provide happiness for the sadness that the movie leaves in the heart of its viewers. The same applies to this film.

The combination of scenes, cut perfectly to make an amazing harmony, with accompanying music that creates the best atmosphere, will surely draw you to this movie. The visuals are stunning, really stunning, that it will leave your eyes glued to the screen throughout the whole movie; even when your sight is blurred by the tears welling up!

Now, the plot might seem simple to you, but the strength lies in the simplicity. The story does not stop there. The story does not stop at both of them swapping lives and finding each other and finding the love of their life!

Rather, the story focuses on the process of finding. Let me put it simply. Life happens. Shit happens in life.

For example, you wake up today as your usual self and tomorrow you wake up in someone else’s body, living a completely different life. The next day, you wake up as your usual self. That’s some kind of shitty situation to be in. But then, when you decide to find out what’s behind all this shit, you realize a lot more than what seems to be there. There are a lot of elements that play into how your life threads tangles into another’s life threads.

It’s not about “why is this happening to me?” but rather “what is happening to me?”. It isn’t that “why” is a bad thing. But from a simple “what?”, you can find out a lot more.

Also, Makoto Shinkai focuses a lot on finding the other. Finding the soulmate. Take “5cm/s”. It focuses on finding the soulmate. “Kimi no Na Wa” focuses on literally finding the soulmate. You swapped bodies. Someone else’s soul was inside your body. You become soulmates (literally). And you try to find them.

And the best part of it all?

“I feel like I’m searching for something, but I don’t know what. But I’m sure that when I see it, or when I see the person, I’ll know.”



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