Sparks of Inspiration

Hi, all! 🙂

I recently had a change of playlist.

At the start of last week, I was still into electronic dance, K-Pop, pop rock, and other mainstream music. This playlist lasted for several months, counting back since either September or October. It was my feel good, positive-vibe playlist as I was quite in my ‘down’ mood.

On the middle of last week, I forgot if it was Wednesday or Thursday, I went to my Youtube channel and watched the videos I made during my college years. The music I usually used was the instrumental type of music, ranging from sweet symphonies to contemporary folk acoustics.

That sparked my interest and I ransacked my music library. I made a new playlist. The songs in said playlist brought me back memories to when I was still active writing a novel or drawing characters. Those songs reminded me of sleepless nights I spent back in middle school to draw comics (which, in the end, weren’t that good so I threw them all away).

My current favorites:

  1. Gundam Unicorn OST – Unicorn Theme
    Recently started watching Gundam Unicorn though I’ve always wanted to watch it since… 2012? The music is amazing and has “EPIC” (in capital letters) written all over it.
  2. Frozen OST – Vuelie + Frozen Heart
    The combination of Vuelie and Frozen Heart was what captivated me when watching Frozen. I almost cried during the beginning scenes, though honestly it took a downhill ride afterwards, towards the end of the movie. Frozen Heart is, in my opinion, the exceptional Disney song out of the songs featured in Frozen.
  3. Attack on Titan OST – Attack on Titan
    Yes, Hiroyuki Sawano again. This piece is amazing. Especially when played on piano.
  4. Princess Mononoke OST – Ashitaka Sekki Ending
    Joe Hisaishi is one of the best composers in the world. This is an epic piece which captures the feel of the overall movie.
  5. Lindsey Stirling & Pentatonix – Radioactive (cover)
    Best Radioactive cover I’ve listened ever. The instrumental bits, especially the violin-cello combination, creates a different feel from other covers. And it’s Pentatonix!
  6. Paperman OST – Paperman Theme
    This is a sweet theme that, in my opinion, is also able to capture a modern, urban love story. It’s impossible to not smile while listening to this.
  7. Tangled OST – Kingdom Dance
    One of the best Disney songs ever! This lyricless (?) piece is perfect for the whole atmosphere of the movie. And if you watch the scene, it’s exquisite ❤
  8. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe OST – Evacuating London
    It’s not just the strings, but the soft piano that builds up until the end. This piece lifts my mood during sad times but can make me cry during good times.
  9. The Secret World of Arrietty OST – Sho’s Lament
    I can imagine Sho through this song. The song feels sad, yet hopeful at the same time. The harp play sounds sweet to the ears.
  10. Pacific Rim OST – Main Theme
    I mean, come on. Pacific Rim is one of the most epic mainstream Hollywood movies ever made. The soundtrack features the epicness, majestic feels of the giant robots. I really do hope a second movie will come out soon!

I can’t include Joe Hisaishi’s works for Studio Ghibli’s films here (save the Mononoke OST because it’s a real inspiration!) or Two Steps from Hell (they have a special place in my heart), but these are my current instrumental favorites.

With this playlist, I’m starting to write a plot for a new story, draw new characters, and even get pumped up to do office work. It’s amazing how music can affect our lives 🙂




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