Bri Lee, on women and writing

Hello, world!

I recently returned from a week-trip, which will be covered in Nomad Bananas (a travelling blog co-created by me and Fifi) soon, so excuse the lack of weekly posts :’) I returned with a really bad cough and I also lost my voice, which I think would be because I was exposed to too much wind there.

Before the trip, right on upload day, I got to attend an event organized by Co&Co Space, Bandung. It was a talkshow presented by Co&Co Space and Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2016, featuring aspiring Australian author Bri Lee, known for her work Hot Chick with Big Brains.

During the session, Bri Lee talked about how she got into writing and how she got interested in feminism, after witnessing, on several occasions, mistreatment towards women in many ways.

Having worked as a judge’s associate, she quit her legal career to fully focus on her writings. She founded Hot Chicks with Big Brains, a series of interviews with women, documenting their experience at work or in general life and the sexist remarks/acts that had been done towards them.

Hot Chicks with Big Brains’ first edition is now available for purchase, while its second edition will be launched in early 2017.

I enjoyed the discussion on feminism and how she was trying to convey that feminism and “we hate men and men should die” are two different movements. Feminism is all about being respected as a woman and treated equally as our male counterparts. The essence of this movement is to counter what is ingrained in our society for centuries: that women are inferior to men.

And it was interesting to hear about how this occurs not only in developing/under-developed countries with patriarchal societies, but it also occurs in developed countries with (supposedly, mainly) more liberal views and promotion towards equal rights.

What is important is how we educate society to accept woman as an equal human being with equal rights, which hopefully will decrease the number of mistreatment that women suffer every day.

I got to ask a couple of questions regarding if Lee would stretch the geographic boundaries of her interviews to cover different stories from women of different countries, tradition, and culture (which, yes, she is interested; and she has done a few of them, which will be included in the second edition of Hot Chicks with Big Brains), and if she owns a journal and how it shapes her writing habit (surprisingly, she doesn’t! But she blogs (/blogged) before, and I guess that can count as keeping a journal).

As one of the persons to ask questions, I got this totebag from Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2016 (been using it daily) and an anthology of literary works by Indonesian writers present at the festival. Too bad I left the book at my parents’ house; I’ll be sure to finish the book later.

I’m getting back to my good old habit of reading books. And, unlike in the past, I’m now gearing more towards non-fiction books.



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