Fashion Inspiration: Gretta James

Hi, everyone!

Fashion weeks have been going on to showcase the Spring 2017 trend. I don’t usually follow the trend, because it’s tiring to have to update your wardrobe every 6 months or so. Moreover, I live in a tropical country, so the only wardrobe change that occurs is from super light jacket during the dry season to rainy coats during the we season.

Also, although I don’t follow much of the trend, in the end I’ll be following the trend (and so do people around me; including you, dear reader). In store, clothes’ designs follow the trend. So, we somehow buy what’s in and not buy what’s out, and that’s due to what’s available in store. However, classics are always sold in many stores; and, getting older (and having to budget my spending because I now work and I don’t ask money from my parents anymore), I now tend to choose classic pieces rather than the trendiest ones.

So, one of my favorite blogs, A Pair & A Spare, launched a new series on Wardrobe Rehab. which is very interesting considering how badly I need a wardrobe rehab. I mean, I just found out I own 10 white tops, 5 of them in a so-so to bad condition. I also helped a friend do a wardrobe update and got to look at wardrobe essential lists in Pinterest. Aaaand, I found this article recently, about building a capsule wardrobe, which is useful for me!

Having a capsule wardrobe will force me to not buy new, unnecessary clothes every time sale season comes along. Among many articles on building the wardrobe, I found that the first steps involve finding your own style.

I would consider my style as trousers + some smart looking top. I like trousers that aren’t long, something that floats just above the ankle, or above. And dresses, of course.

Next would be finding the inspiration, so I want to talk about this particular inspiration in this post.

Keira Knightley in "Begin Again"
Keira Knightley in “Begin Again”

Keira Knightley, in my opinion, is an amazing actress. I’ve seen her in “Pride & Prejudice”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Never Let Me Go”, and “Begin Again”, among other films. I watched “Begin Again” in 2013 and was immediately drawn to her simple, no-fuss style. Building my first capsule wardrobe, I’ll definitely take her as my style inspiration. Her style can be worn in the office, hanging out with friends, to family gatherings… I just love it.


Wide trousers with folded hems and loafers are the best combination, in my opinion, as they are stylish yet comfortable. I’ve been wearing this type of trousers to office for some time now, using oxford shoes instead of loafers. I haven’t found the exact style of loafers that look good on me (OK, I did, but they didn’t have my size 😦 ).


What I also like in this movie were the tops that she wore. The simple, comfortable, yet chic. Tucked in to create a more sophisticated look, out loose to create a more casual look. The versatility of these tops would do well to my capsule collection!


And it doesn’t have to be wide trousers… Like, boyfriend jeans or slim trousers can do the trick, as long as the hem is folded. Considering I already have the trousers, collecting new items such as tops and loafers wouldn’t be that much of a burden.

I mean, I do have those kind of tops, but most are long-sleeved and most are more than 2 years old, with the threads going out, creating this “furry” look on a smooth surface. No, it doesn’t look good. It basically screams “you need to throw me!”.


Aaand the dresses! Her dresses are flowy, not too short but not too long; not too revealing but not too closed, and says a lot about her confidence. Yes yes yes ❤

There’s something about crop tops and high waist trousers that just appeals to me. Or tucked in over-sized shirts. I’ll be building my wardrobe collection around this theme, with Gretta as my inspiration.

Next week, I’ll talk about my favorite looks from the runways 🙂

Love! ❤


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