Getting out of the bed

Image by Leif Peng

Hi, all!

Being the person that I am, I’m always on a roller-coaster journey. My emotions range from extreme happiness to desperate sorrow. When I’m in between those two emotions, it usually leans closer to either extremes. I’m rarely on the neutral part, and if I am, it’s usually when I’m really bored and have nothing to do.

So, I’ve decided to just freaking get out of my “emotional” bed and start embracing life as it is. Being more positive (oh the joy). I mean, I’m a very positive person (extreme happiness) but push me into a tragedy and I’ll become a very negative person (desperate sorrow). Being the introvert that I am, when I try to recover from the negative extreme, I usually become a hermit for a day and decline meeting too many persons. I’ll meet the people who live with me and chat with my closest friends but other than them, sorry. No talk allowed.

Staying in really does have its perks. I can concentrate on myself and focus on my cat. I can browse motivational, make-up tutorials, as well as random Youtube videos. I can also work on and finish my presentation in peace, without the need to look at the time constantly.

Staying in made me reflect a few things about myself:

  1. I become more productive when it’s dark.
    Whether it’s the night or it’s very cloudy outside, I suddenly become productive. I guess this is a divine sign that I should work in a place where the time is flexible. Like, build my own business empire or work at a studio where you’re not obliged to be in the office 9-to-5. I’m actually taking all this into consideration while planning my future. In the meantime, I’ll try to become more productive during the day.
  2. I work more with food within my reach.
    Biscuits, cakes, I can even eat rice as snack. I just need something to chew while I work; and when I say “chew”, I mean “chew and swallow”. No bubblegum, thanks.
  3. I like to sleep during the day. Say, around 2-3 PM.
    I don’t know if this happens to other people, but 2-3 PM is the hardest time span to be awake and productive, especially after a good lunch. I even nap in my office so I can be more productive upon waking up, but then I usually need coffee and extra layer of make up so I don’t look like a zombie.
  4. I have abandoned my blogs and my business plans (oh no!).
    This is something I’m working on to get back on track. End of 2016, some kind of output must be released from my side projects and all the while I’ll keep on writing in this blog and sharing things with you, guys.
  5. Trust your nose.
    When you open the box containing the corn you’ve been wanting to eat, only to find out that it smells acidic, do not cook and eat it. It is a sign that it is dead and not consumable. When your nose suddenly become sensitive, trust it. Food that smells bad usually tastes bad. (though people swear that jengkol tastes amazing despite its awful smell)

What do you guys think of the new look? I wanted something more colorful and less gloomy for the blog 🙂

– Sandra


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