Over the wind & soothing music

"One day she decided to plant a garden of her own" by Marylous Falstreau
“One day she decided to plant a garden of her own” by Marylous Falstreau

I went to dinner last night with a few friends. We went to a hip restaurant that was almost always the talk of the town. It was called “Congo” and it was some sort of restaurant/gallery/lounge/cafe… You name it. It was basically 2 pavilions perched on a hillside, surrounded with lush tropical greenery. In the night, the cold wind, bright sky with glittering stars, & trees dancing because of the wind made the it feel fresh and amazing.

In its interiors, which was decorated with solid big blocks of wood & marble serving as the tables, big sofas that you can sleep on, smooth jazz singing of falling in love, & dim lights all around the area, the ambience became special and remarkable. It’s the type of place where you sit on a sofa & gaze at the surroundings, all while letting the mind be empty & at peace.

We talked about a depression I had just overcome. It’s something pretty simple, actually: something relatively big happened in my life and I had a hard time overcoming it.

But, it passed.

(note: I’m not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or a professional in that field. I’m just sharing my own experience)

The thing about something bad that happens in your life is that: it happens & then it passes. It never lasts long. I always tell myself that life is a wheel & it turns around every time. This moment you can be happy but at the next second you can be sad.

(I’m not saying that you should be wary when you’re happy because you’re going to be sad, no)

When you’re sad, depressed, anxious, insecure… well, indulge in it. Cry. Listen to sad music. Don’t go out of your room. Stay in your bed. Hug your favorite doll. But, don’t let that last long.

When you feel that you can’t even cry anymore, even though you’re still sad, take that as the point of return.

Get up.

Wash your face.

Put on the best music that makes you feel energized.

Get out of that bed and make it. Change the sheets.

Sweep your room. Mop it as well.

Reorganize the way your desk looks. Do you still need that notebook? Are those papers important? Are you still keeping the old movie tickets? Take them out and throw them away.

Arrange your things in an organized way.

Light up a therapeutic candle, your favorite scent. It doesn’t have to be “this scent will make your thoughts calm & peaceful”. If you like the energetic lemon or the sweet, happy aroma of watermelon candles, then light that on.

Take down the posters that you don’t like anymore.

Replace them with the things you like. You don’t necessarily have to tear down everything, by the way.

Open your wardrobe. Reorganize the things inside. White with white, black with black. Or tees with tees, jeans with jeans. It’s up to you.

When your room is organized, you’ll feel happier. Now, get on with life. If you have a hobby, go back to it and do it.

In my case, I like painting. I channeled my emotions through painting. But I don’t like doing abstract art because it makes me anxious and furious. Instead, I drew leaves, lots of leaves, and painted them with different colors. I then proceeded to add lines to these leaves.

With that, I realized doing something repetitive that you like helps clear your mind. It helped me recollect my thoughts and put the mind at rest. In my mind, I had the alphabets like this: asdfbhapwugqegbrweo. Painting repetitive objects helped me reorganize the alphabet in mind into abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

Do things that don’t remind you of what made you sad. Don’t fully avoid it but embrace only tiny bits of it. The death of your cat made you sad? Don’t cry when you see other cats. Embrace them, say ‘hi’ to them, communicate with them. It won’t bring your cat back, but it will help you overcome your sadness.

Depression can be triggered by various things in life, but what’s important is how you overcome it. I know that it’s difficult to understand that the period will pass and you’ll get back on life like before, because depression makes the world seem to be spinning out of control. It makes the world look like it doesn’t love you anymore.

I always remember this: “Let go”. Letting go of what made you depressed helps you overcome it. Letting go lessens the opportunity for you to overthink about it. It’s hard to let go, so just take small steps, day by day, little by little. My desktop and phone’s wallpaper were even changed to “Let go” so it’d be easier for me to let go.

Let me tell you this: at the end of everything, you’ll realize that you overcame the negativity. You’re back with so much positive energy in your life that you feel like you can do anything. And, believe me, when you look back at that period, you’ll realize that instead of crushing you, the depression/sadness helped you learn lessons of life. Most importantly, it helped you learn more about your self.

So, you shouldn’t let it take the best of you 🙂



(PS: you can comment or email me at ssaffira.creation@gmail.com if you need to share something about this article)


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