"The Homecoming" by Norman Rockwell
“The Homecoming” by Norman Rockwell

Hello, world!

I’m finally back here.

It’s been more than a year since my last post and, truth to be told, I miss writing in this blog. This past year, I’ve been writing more on my journals rather than in my blog. I’ve also been drawing more than before, and it turns out to be a great channel to let out what I’m thinking.

Apart from all that, I’ve been finishing my novel, “Crimson”, which also explains the lack of attention I bring to Midnight Pianist. I sent the draft to a publisher and I know (I just know) that, since this is a debut novel and I’ve never written any published fiction work before, it’ll take more than a year until the draft materializes into a novel that is distributed in bookshops around the world.

The reason I decided to resurrect this blog is because a lot has happened since my last post. The events have emotionally affected me and, during that time, I found myself running around the world wide web for blog posts or articles of someone who felt what I felt. I then realize that, no matter how small the traffic of my blog gets, no matter how few readers read my entries, a time will come where your blog saves someone’s day and you wouldn’t even know it.

I don’t plan to inspire or encourage too much. I’ll just write here of what I know and my experiences. To write something that you wholeheartedly understand will produce into something that’s real, and that’s what everyone’s searching for. Someone like them. Someone who experienced something like them. Someone who felt something like them.

I know that, because I’ve been there. And, truly, it’s okay to share your thoughts with the world, right? 😉



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