And this is about letting go

We found the You†h Fountain▲

Because I’ve never ever realized that letting go is hard as one would say.

Because letting go means to leave someone behind and to let that someone do whatever they want.

And when they do what they do, you’re never there to be happy or sad or crushed or excited about it. You just watch from the distant, while your heart crumbles to pieces as you know that you’re losing the chance to share a fraction of their life.

In the end, the faces that disappear behind the windows and walls that divide the airport into departure hall and immigration counters are the faces that you will always remember even in your sleep.

You never know if that was the last moment to see those faces, but you know that from that point on, you will only watch them from afar. And watching them from afar, you know that you still can’t let go of them and you still cling to them.

But you can’t cling forever.

Every person has their own life to lead, you have yours to lead.

One day, it will just dawn on you that those faces in the airport will be the faces of your precious ones. They will watch you as you always watch them

And with that, life goes on.


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