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A few days ago, I went to my friends’ graduation.

First, let me explain: I went to a university to study a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture. However, after a year, I moved out of that university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design overseas. During that one year, I managed to know quite a lot of people from my year, from different majors in different faculties, going to the same university. We entered university together, and in normal circumstances we would be graduating this year. However, I moved out, so I have another year to finish overseas. The majority of my friends graduated a few days ago.

Going to my friends’ graduation made me feel quite bittersweet. In a way, I was overjoyed for being able to witness their graduation, their victory after conquering the four hard years they fought for the titles they now obtained. In another way, I kept gritting my teeth and sometimes forcing a smile while thinking that if I had not moved, I might just be graduating with them, with both my parents proud. I would be busy finishing my final thesis, choosing the right outfit for my graduation, and busy searching a job with my friends.

But that, I repeat, that is under normal circumstances.

And, rethinking the three years I had completed and one more year to go, it was not bad. I did have my share of joy and depression. I gained abilities and experiences that I might not have gained if I had decided to stay. I was happy with my friends overseas, doing projects with them, passing days together crammed in a small room of computers while finishing school assignments. I was depressed at times, especially during the first year because it was hard to move on from a new ‘family’ I had found in my old university. I was depressed due to my bad Spanish (while I kept learning it until I decided it was enough) and I was depressed that I would not finish my assignments due to my lack of Spanish and the absence of my Indonesian friends back home.

I once said to a friend that it was easy for me to move on. It was not that easy when I had to move on from my so-called family in my old university. It took me time, unlike when I moved on from different friends in different schools in different countries.

I have one more year left and I promise myself that I will shine in my final year, while living apart from my parents. I will prove myself that I will graduate satisfied with what I’ve done in my four years. I know the graduation won’t be as grand as the one I attended a few days ago, but what will mean a lot to me is not the ceremony itself. It will be worth more if I know I graduated with my expectations fulfilled.

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