Cabo Fisterra, Galicia.

Standing at the westernmost point in Spain reminded me of the concepts “infinity” and “finiteness”. Seeing the vast ocean surrounding the cape made it seem as though the ocean was infinite, as though the world really ended there where I was standing.

To me, “infinity” is a concept which means endless, in many ways. The eyes can deceive our perception of infinity. When we see things and we can’t see the end, we immediately perceive it as something infinite. Where does it end? Does it end at one point?

Living in this world, we know that nothing is infinite, except (maybe) the sky. The sky itself is an endless sphere, which extends until places far beyond our imagination. We see the sea and we don’t see where it ends, therefore we perceive it as infinite.

Infinity is a word that, I believe, is best used to describe things far beyond our imagination, things without ends, and unexplainable things that seem so wide and grand.

If so, then what do you think is “feeling infinite”?


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