Lorena Residence by Maurício Arruda

The other night, I was browsing through my tumblr dashboard, when I came across this post. I fell in love on first sight, hit the “love” button, then immediately reblogged it.

Basic fact: Lorena residence, designed by Maurício Arruda architects, completed in April 2013.

I tried to look up the Lorena residence, but there weren’t any detailed explanation on what the project really was. Well, it was a residential project, for a family/person with the name “Lorena”, but the background, the reason, or the process of the whole project wasn’t really available from where I looked up at (or it might be available in a hidden corner I hadn’t discovered before).

When I saw the photos, I was reminded of the clean Nordic design that was quite popular back in the 50s, along with Italian design and the designs from HdF Ulm in Germany. However, as I looked closer, it was apparent that the interior was a mash-up of various design styles.

For example, a modern and brave illustration, combined with a black-and-white photo, and two other illustrations that seemed more modern/abstract. These frames were combined with a vintage radio (by vintage, I meant the Ulm style – brAun radio) tucked into a comfortable green wall. The lamps were apparently futuristic, adding a touch of the 60s, while the use of a large wooden panel to part the wall from the tables and bed reminded me of Mies van der Rohe’s minimalist style: using a single material as a focal point of a space.

Or this chair that reminded me of the anti-design movement (let’s face it: it’s a structure. Then, you tie the textile to form a sort of deck chair). In contrast to the blue steel structure, the boxes inside the shelf were red, yellow, and green; all were primary colors (except yellow, of course).  To neutralize this, the wall was set white, and the overall material used for the shelf and floor were wood, adjusting to the dominant material used in the whole residence.

I won’t go on ranting and analyzing every photo of the residence. That will be boring. I would just suggest you to enjoy the rest of the photos. They are adorable!

All of the photos were by Ricardo Labougle for Casa Vogue Magazine.

Until then! 🙂


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