The end? Just kidding.

Me after having an energy drink.


So Term 4 finally ended with (until now) satisfying marks. I’m not going to boast myself by listing up all the marks in this blog. However, seeing that this blog was created for the “Art & Design History” class, I’ll tell you my mark.


Ehehehehe 😀

This seemingly effortless blog had actually helped me study, and with the marks in the exam + the marks obtained from the blog, I got a 90!

Yes, the blog is incomplete, & I have a reasonable reason to defend myself. I am the type of person who has to drown myself into the world of what I want to write, before writing it. All the topics I wrote were reflections of the research and knowledge obtained. I could (and would) never write, say, an analysis of Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman” before actually researching what’s behind it. I couldn’t have written this post had I not understood the whole chaos behind it.

I am a person who has to understand before writing. Therefore, I write slowly, while at the same rate I develop an understanding of what I’m writing. And that actually explains why I haven’t started writing my second book.

With the end of the term and the class, that doesn’t mean I’m ending this blog as well. I intend to keep it going on, with more personal entries in the future, though still relating to the history of art and design. I might also update it with new books I would have bought that relate to art and design history.

And because this is the summer holiday, expect me to write at least once in two weeks.


Cheers! 🙂


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