A journey to start

Compartment C, Car 193 by Edward Hopper

I’d always like to start a blog with a memorable and likeable (at least for me) post.

So, first of all, I’d like to welcome you, people, to my newest project: The Midnight Pianist. Taking the word ‘midnight’ from my habit of staying up late until past midnight, and ‘pianist’ from the very powerful movie The Pianist, this blog will serve as a work project for my Art & Design History class.

This blog will contain posts that are related to the history of art, starting from the art after the World War II (is it possible that art exists after such terror? — quoting yesterday’s class) until modern art and design. Not only will I have to explain the themes presented in every class, but I will also include my opinions on the movements, examples taken  from the things that I encountered, and some personal experiences that might have something to relate to the subject.

In other words, I can say that I’m starting a journey: a journey of documenting art around me, which will force me to be more observant of my  surroundings (note: I am not observant).

So, as this is metaphorically a journey, I have attached one of Edward Hopper’s work, Compartment C Car 193, as a representation of the journey that starts. Pensive, observant, and learning, -as the woman in the picture seems to be- this will represent the virtues I need to go on with the journey.

Until then!


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